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Who is Lohan?

Lohan is a Malaysian journalist, writer and musician (not necessarily in that order). He has been writing entertainment and feature articles since 1994.

He spent three years at The Sun newspaper, after which he joined The Star.

Over the past two decades, Lohan has made a career, not just as a reporter, but, a keen observer of the subjects of his stories. He has learnt to craft art pieces from words.

He asks the tough questions, not to make his subjects squirm; but to elicit the best quotes and to get into the minds of the people he writes about. He delves deeply into each subject, never wanting to shortchange the topic nor the reader.

The result is a fairground where information and literary style meld; where words and phrases are massaged to illuminate knowledge, experience and truth.

He has written about such diverse topics including and not limited to:

  • The local music scene

  • Concert reviews by international artistes such as Slash

  • Music gear reviews

  • Environment and conservation

  • Football

  • Personality profiles including Pierluigi Collina

He won the Entertainment Journalism Award for English category at the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) – Petronas Malaysian Press Awards in 2008.

After hours, Lohan is as passionate about music as he is about writing.

He is in two bands:

He has also contributed to and worked with:

  • Hassan Peter Brown

  • Hassan & Markiza

  • Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu

  • Meor